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Stop Your Character Crisis

Hey Brawler,

Today, I want to talk about legend selection. Picking a character and sticking with it. I'm not going to try to help you figure out which character to play right now, but I do want to talk about why it's important that you make a decision and commit to it.

But real quick before I get into that ...

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Your Character Crisis is Holding You Back

I've seen many players fall into the trap of trying to play too many legends while they're still learning the game. People get stuck on metas and their ideas of what's balanced or unbalanced. Some people randomly try different characters and have a little success then think they should switch.

I'm here to tell you that for the vast majority of people, the "meta" doesn't matter. Every single legend is viable for ranked all the way to the top. The game balance is also nowhere near as bad as you think it is. Your favorite weapons are definitely playable.

I truly believe that nobody below Diamond, who's serious about improving quickly, should try having multiple mains. This honestly probably extends into mid-Diamond as well, because most of those players still have a lot to learn about the fundamentals and their legend.

Most of the weapons play very differently from each other. They have neutral patterns and flow charts that deviate significantly from each other based on their coverage areas. Trying to learn all of that information well enough to be decent before you've made significant progress in just the fundamentals of the game will overload you.

Play Other Legends Anyway

What? That seems confusing. But let me explain.

What you're looking for in your game knowledge is a wide understanding of the basics of each weapon and a deep understanding of your chosen legend's weapons. Playing other legends will allow you to learn the basics of how they like to engage, what their neutral flow is like, and most importantly, what options are very punishable.

You don't want to go too deep on multiple legends, though. A handful of games occasionally to see and experience how weapons feel will make a world of difference in understanding how to fight against them. The mastery of your chosen legend will ensure you choose the right options at the right time during games.

Splitting up this mastery makes your practice less effective because rather than progressing smoothly and quickly with a single main, you have staggered progress across multiple legends, usually triggered by swapping between them in frustration.

Thanks for Reading!

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