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Brawl Academy

Sting Ray Joins Brawl Academy!

Big news for the future of Brawl Academy today. I'm excited to announce that Sting Ray is joining me at Brawl Academy to help produce the best educational content the Brawlhalla community has ever seen. We're going to be cooking up some really awesome stuff, so stay tuned. I'm hoping to launch a bunch of new Brawl Academy related stuff early next year!


Host of Brawlhalla Origins
Founder of Brawl Academy

P.S. Origins VIPs, be on the lookout for Metadev Val details in your email very soon! Also, exclusive Season 2 teasers will be coming your way soon too!

Brawl Academy

Brawl Academy is making content about improving at Brawlhalla. We will provide the most detailed and advanced Brawlhalla courses and coaching. Content written and curated by Atrophius, a former professional player with multiple Top 8 placements both online and at LAN.

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